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Legal typing services are required for preparing data related with cases such as notes, routine correspondence, court hearing, and minutes of meetings. These records are vital information for lawyers, judges, and court clerks. It contains the formal presentation of claims and defenses of parties involved in a lawsuit.

The legal typing services that are handling the task must pay close attention to details, highly proficient, and has a deep knowledge of the legal terminologies. At Vanan Typing, we understand that it is a very tedious and complex task. Any mistake might be misunderstood that will alter the whole meaning of the legal document and will result in either winning or losing a case. Everything has to be in order with no room for error.

Legal document typing service is done by professional typists

Our legal document typing service team is composed of professionals typists that were selected based on their speed and accuracy. We can type up legal material with high quality and accuracy such as briefs, pleadings, interrogatories and more.

We exert all efforts to type each word accurately, we don't cut corners when we work on a project. We have earned the trust and confidence of numerous customers with our dedication and expertise. Professional in the legal field, landlords, business owners, and students look to us when they need legal document typing service.

Legal Typing Companies

As one of the leading legal typing companies, we offer excellence by providing high-quality legal typing services to produce first-rate documents. We have immense experience in the legal area that makes us stand out from other legal typing companies.

With modern technology and our expert typists, we can deliver a quick turnaround time on your project. Our offer of $2 per page is the lowest compared to other legal typing rates in the market. Every output is proofread before submission to ensure an error-free material. We also offer legal audio typing that will convert a recording into a written text.

For the convenience of our customers we made ordering easy, fill up our online form and get a free quote, pay online, and a flawlessly typed document will be delivered to your inbox. Getting hold of our legal typing online services is fast and easy, contact our live 24/7 live customer support. Call them by our toll-free hotline numbers or chat with them online for any of your inquiries. Fill up our CTC form and Free Quote menu and we'll get back to you.

We also transcribe in the following languages

  • ✓ Legal Document Typing
  • ✓ Digital Typing
  • ✓ Outsourcing Typing
  • ✓ Document Formatting
  • ✓ Dictation Typing
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Economical Rates

Type of services Pricing
Audio Typing $0.99/min (Flat rate)
Typing with formatting
English $3/Page (250 words)
Other Languages $7/Page (250 words)
Typing without formatting
English $2/Page (250 words)
Other Languages $5/Page (250 words)
Additional features Additional cost per minte
Verbatim $0.25/min
Time Stamping / Time Coding $0.25/min
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File Type Format

We accept and deliver file formats such as.
Input Formats Output Formats
WMA, amr, dvd, flv, avi, cd, M4V, WAV, .Aid, Mp3, dvf, .aiff, Mp4, dds, caf, wmv and more. .Doc, .pdf and more custom formats.

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